Mix and Match Jewellery

Jewellery is the finishing touch that can make any outfit feel complete. But oftentimes, the price for one necklace can cost more than your entire wardrobe and it shouldn't have to. We make a case for how to mix and match very expensive pieces with affordable jewellery to make every piece feel expensive (even if it isn't!)



Have an expensive watch that you want to show off? Or an heirloom that you are lucky enough to own? Well, incorporate it all together, but leaving room to let the star shine. Don't overpower your expensive pieces, look to complement them.


watch hand ring



Love to mix and match metals, but hate that worn look your gold gets? Make sure you know what you're buying. Avoid brass jewellery that is being passed off as gold. It may be plated, but the quality won't hold up, and your once shiny new piece looks old and faded in no time. 



Look at your jewellery as a collection. Don't buy; add. Take stock of what you have, what you like and what you actually wear. Marie Kondo your jewellery case and continue to add pieces that you know you will love. 

Organize jewellery



Your jewellery should NOT be kept for a special occasion. We truly feel that candles should be burned, and jewellery should be worn! Denim looks great with some sparkle and pearls dress up that basic outfit. Don't save it for a rainy day. WEAR IT!


Every day jewellery



Not all jewellery is created equal. Trendy jewellery can often cost a fortune, but for not great quality. Ensure you read the descriptions when buying online and when in doubt, ask! Any credible online shop should have great customer service, and be able to answer questions. For instance, all of our gold is solid 18k gold. No plating, no fillers. Our silver is all 925 stamped sterling silver. We are so proud of our quality, we hope everyone asks! 


quality jewellery


Whether it takes the form of a single, thin gold ring, a heavy statement necklace, or dangling earrings that sparkle with every subtle head movement, jewelry is a very personal purchase, and we hope you find something you love, too.